Through David's Guitar Vault, you have a unique online opportunity to purchase rare and hard to find guitars straight from the vault of a private collector. The currently available rare guitars are viewable by using the "View Current Vault Inventory" button below. 

Please read carefully before proceeding to the Vault: The detail page of each exquisite instrument will list TWO prices along with two purchasing options. The first will add the guitar to your secure PayPal shopping cart. There you will be able to use a fully encrypted checkout process to purchase the guitar via Credit Card or PayPal balance. The second price is our "Cash Discounted Price" and is only available to those willing to pay via a bank wire transfer or certified check. Simply fill out the brief Cash Discounted Price form and we will get back to you for order processing as soon as possible.

​All purchases are processed on a first come, first served order and are backed by a 72 hour money back guarantee through our in-home auditioning process!


When browsing through our current stock of rare guitars in the vault, visitors can look in the lower right hand corner of the image of each guitar to find the condition rating for that particular guitar. The ratings are as follows:

New: The guitar is in the same condition it was in when it left the factory. Our new condition instruments have been played at most a handful of times, only by David, for sound and setup checks. The warranty has not yet been registered with the manufacturer.

New Relic: The guitar is in the same condition it was in when it left the factory; however, it has had a relic job done by the manufacturer's custom shop to mimic vintage wear. Relic jobs tend to come in journeyman (light wear), standard (normal wear), and heavy (heavy wear and abuse).

Like New: Very close to new condition. The instrument may have one or two minor indications that it was, in fact, played. Things such as minor, almost invisible surface buffing that is only visible under intense lighting and the proper angles. Such imperfections are invisible under most conditions. The warranty has not yet been registered with the manufacturer.

Excellent: The guitar is showing the slightest normal cosmetic wear, including minor surface scratches and possible light patina on the metallic components. The warranty may or may not have been registered with the manufacturer.

Vintage Excellent / Good: The guitar is an authentically vintage instrument that is in either excellent or good condition for its age. Likely such an guitar will show signs of wear as well as signs of aging, such as a finish with some checkering, metal parts showing patina, yellowing of plastic binding, and possibly even bleeding of dye into surrounding material.

We only ship within the United States unless specifically requested by the purchaser. For international shipments, or to Alaska & Hawaii, the purchaser is responsible for all shipping fees. Shipping within the continental (lower 48) United States is included in the purchase price, so the price you see is the price you pay! In all but the most undo circumstances, orders placed before 3:00pm EST will ship that day.

Also, all of our guitars come with a three day in-home auditioning period. Simply purchase the guitar you'd like to try and audition it in your home, with your amp(s), for up to three days from the delivery date. If you decide, for any reason, you don't like the piece, return it to us. If returned in the EXACT SAME CONDITION as received, we will refund the instrument's price, excluding shipping.

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March Guitar Of The Month



Due to the special nature of this sale, we are offering it early. Yes, the March GOTM is available now! We are happy to offer at a full $2,000 discount this amazing, extremely rare guitar for a limited time. 

"Well, that didn't last long! Let me look through my Vault and see what else I'll make available for March."  - David

You may also view our entire vault inventory, including all of the guitars we've sold over the years.

Hi, my name is David Bosch. I'm a guitar and music addict.

I've been exposed to music my entire life. My father's hobby was building high end, high fidelity sound systems and listening to music of many genres at ludicrously high volume! Listening sessions that shook the house were a daily occurrence at the Bosch house. Out of all that I was exposed to, I fell most in love with the sound of the electric guitar and the music that it ushered in. I listened to everything from zydeco and blues (as a New Orleans native) through classic rock and metal.

Playing the guitar was something I always imagined myself doing at some point but I just never seemed to get around to it. The experience of living through Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath changed my perspective. Life is short and precious. Make the most of every day! In late 2005 I purchased my first guitar and began learning to play. The learning process has waxed and waned over the years but I never stopped acquiring guitars! 

I have expanded my love of the guitar to include this business. I am passionate about helping people acquire the guitar(s) they've always dreamt of. Collectible guitars are musical instruments as well as works of art unto themselves and ownership of such an instrument is a source of pride and joy.

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