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2016 PRS "Winter Egrets" Hollowbody II

Images of PRS serial # 16 235790

PRS Guitars Private Stock team is celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year with the return to the program that started it all: Guitars of the Month.

The original Guitars of the Month were cased between December 1994 and March 1996. They provided the opportunity to experiment with new ideas and led directly to the Private Stock to the creation of the Private Stock program with the first “official” Private Stock instrument casing on April 19, 1996.

“At the time, the original Guitars of the Month program was a way for us to experiment with new designs and features. To this day, that innovation and specialization is still at the heart of the Private Stock program, and we are very excited to try out some new ideas for our 20th Anniversary year.” – Paul Reed Smith

Each month in 2016, the Private Stock team will deliver a unique design in limited numbers, highlighting the detailed craftsmanship and exquisite materials that define Private Stock.

Celebrating Artistry and Nature

For December, the twelfth and final Private Stock Guitar of the Month closes Private Stock’s 20th Anniversary celebration with vigor. In a limited run of only 12 pieces, the Ziricote Hollowbody II Piezo celebrates the beauty and artistry of nature with exquisite wood species and a winter wildlife motif.

Only twelve of these instruments will be made for December 2016, commemorating Private Stock’s 20th Anniversary.

​​In keeping with this theme, Private Stock has included a number of unique appointments for the December Guitar of the Month, including custom “Winter Egrets” inlays on the fingerboard and headstock veneer consisting of solid white, gold and black lip mother of pearl and black corian, mother of pearl “December” engraved banner as well as mother of pearl side dots, and P-90 treble and bass pickups with Birds-eye maple covers. The instruments’ unique ziricote top and back is finished with natural satin nitro.


​Top Wood: Ziricote

Middle Wood: Mahogany
Back Wood: Ziricote
Number of Frets: 22
Scale Length: 25"
Neck Wood: Ziricote
Fretboard Wood: Ziricote / Birds-Eye Maple
Fretboard Inlays: Custom "Winter Egrets" from white, gold, and black lip mother of pearl
Neck Shape: Pattern
Bridge: PRS Adjustable Stoptail
Tuners: Phase III Locking Tuning Pegs with Set Screws and Ziricote Buttons
Hardware Type: Hybrid

Finish: Satin Nitro
Treble Pickup: P90 with Birds-Eye Maple cover
Bass Pickup: P90 with Birds-Eye Maple cover
Controls: Volume, Tone with 3-Way Toggle and PRS/LR Baggs Piezo System

This guitar has been sold!

There are few guitars like those that roll out of the Paul Reed Smith Private Stock department, and this one is fairly unique even among guitars of such distinguished pedigree. I'll let them describe this incredible guitar and the program that created it.

David's Notes:

     AAAA, Top-Shelf, Tier 1,... however you want to classify it, this is a first class guitar. A description of this instrument is very reminiscent of a conversation about a good acoustic guitar. A true hollow body with the front and back crafted from ziricote with the middle wood being mahogany. There is a central "plug" of mahogany under the bridge pickup that connects the front to the back, which acts to keep feedback under control during loud amplification. The unplugged sound is very warm and resonant with plenty of harmonic undertones. Plugged in, this guitar will bring out the best in any amplifier.

​     I absolutely love the versatility of the Hollowbody II w/Peizo guitar. Not just the looks, but oh... the sound! These P90s can go from single-coil clean to very crunchy without breaking a sweat, all while staying airy and articulate. In fact, these may be the best P90s I've ever heard. Either that or the application of the P90s to the hollowbody platform is just a match made in six-string heaven. For amazing acoustic sounds, go through an amp with a quality clean channel and switch over to the L.R. Baggs Peizo system. This guitar is actually two in one - a superb acoustic all the way to a thick and beefy blues/rock machine. That's a lot of sonic territory, all coverable with a flick of  a micro-switch, twist of a birde-eye maple knob, and slight adjustments to your picking.​ What more could one want??

With this guitar, serial # 16 235790, we present one amazing guitar in new, never played condition, just as it arrived from the PRS factory! It is a Hollowbody II model, crafted from solid Ziricote and inlayed with "Winter Egrets" mosaics crafted from white, gold, and black lip mother of pearl, and black corian. The headstock mosaic includes a "December" banner engraved in mother of pearl. ​Again, from the Inside PRS archive:

The Story: Private Stock Guitar of The Month

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