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With this guitar, serial #2287G, we present to you an incredibly rare buying opportunity for a piece of American history. The repair work by Leroy Aiello is superb and the guitar plays and sounds amazing. This is an opportunity to buy and own a truly vintage Gibson that plays possibly better now than the day it was new.

‚ÄčThe restoration was done in the last quarter of 2016 and includes a neck reset, frets leveled and dressed, crack in face crack below the bridge repaired, and the tuners lubricated and cleaned. It was decided to leave the beautiful original tuners in place; however, a replacement set from Steward McDonald is included with the instrument. We also still have the original case, though it is in rough condition. The guitar now lives in a Gator hardshell case, which is included with the purchase.

This is your opportunity to own a piece of Gibson, and therefore American music history!

David's Notes:

     This guitar is owned by my friend, Irish Folk musician George Hergen, and is on consignment with David's Guitar Vault. A bit of info on George can be found here: http://www.gorddcymru.org/atlanta/music/cmd/hergen_george.htm  The guitar, like it's owner, is full of amazing character!

 George's Notes: This remarkable instrument was actually found, forgotten, under the owner's bed and had not been played in over thirty years.  From the serial number we believe this instrument to have been built by Gibson in Kalamazoo in 1941. We had major restoration including a neck reset, fret dressing, face crack repair all performed by master craftsman Leroy Aiello.  The guitar now plays and sounds like a dream. It was decided to keep the gorgeous original & unique tuning machines on the instrument but we are including a new set in the case should one choose to replace the originals. This instrument ships with a new hardshell case. Note that we do have the original case which is in poor condition.  If desired we can ship this original case as well at an additional shipping charge. 

    Restored 1941 Gibson Vintage L-00

Images of Gibson L-00 Serial # 2287G
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